Arrival: Now what…?

ArrivalBeen there done that, got the hat.  Well, I also got the fancy dress and even went to the big dance, but now what?

Many graduates, yes, even those of us with “terminal degrees”, find ourselves at the end of our academic journey, wondering what was it all for?  What do I do now?  I should be reading a book, writing a paper, or conducting research; something…  As we catch our breath, and slowly get weaned from our academic routines, we often find ourselves left with a void in our schedules.  Some take a hiatus; a break from the rigorous workload that had consumed so much of our time. 

“Publish or perish”, seems to be the by-word for a Ph.D. (Post-hiatus-Direction).  As such, I started this blog [2bFree4Life] in January 2012, and amassed 23 postings over a 12-month period, followed by a three month dry spell.  I have joined several groups on LinkedIn, and even started three articles (currently dormant).

Perhaps entering the world of Academe?  That is a viable direction for one with a terminal degree; right?  What if you, like me (Associate Professor), are already imparting of your knowledge in the academic realms?  I guess I am asking (musing), how does one stay engaged?

I welcome your insights, suggestions, and/or $.02.  Please feel free to post your comments here, or Twitter: @2bfree4life

8 thoughts on “Arrival: Now what…?

  1. Hi Bobby,
    I can relate to this. I went through a similar experience when I finished the MAS in October of ’09. There was a sudden emptiness and a feeling of, now what do I do? Funny, suddenly, I had all this free time on my hands. How do I put this to use, I thought? I believe I most likely drove my wife nuts. 🙂
    I tend to be a driven person so I had to find ways to keep myself busy. I thought, hmm …. learn a new skill, work on my golf swing and enjoy life. I’ve a lot of free time with this job of mine so I still struggle with this..
    Staying engaged can be tough at times, but that’s the fun challenge in life.
    Best of luck!

  2. Dr. Martin,

    I’d like to teach on-line but have found that to be a challenge…the old “you need a job to have experience” merry-go-round. I had thought all the online universities would have PREFERRED us empirical business persons with doctoral level degrees, but it appears that positions are not as plentiful as thought. At this point, I’m just trying to stay vigilant in the pursuit but I suspect offering an article to a publishing source would be a circuitous way to advertise. Certainly, I’d welcome any direction, especially from a newly ordained “online instructor.”


    Dr. Bob Gordon

    • Hi Dr. Gordon (Bob), first of all, thanks for taking the time to visit and read the posting. More importantly, I want to thanks you for your comments. I am aware of the drought in the Academe, for credentialed faculty (but lacking “job experience”). While I see opportunities advertised, and have even applied for several adjunct positions, the CV is accepted, reviewed, then one sits and waits for an opening. Often it appears as though many universities are aafraid to pull the trigger on fresh perspecctives in the ranks. I was fortunate, in that I have been accepted and have began instructing in the Master of Business Administration in Avaition (MBAA) program for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

      However, I am a product of the university (BS in Aeronautics and MAS in Management), and have been instructing for the university since I completed my Master’s. Even though I teach in Brick & Mortor, Blended, and Online for the university, this experience has very little, to no sway in being accepted to do likewise at other institutions of higher learning. I have joined several Groups on LinkedIn, in order to share in similar discussions and forums, with hopes of learning from others. I must also add to your posting, as to “staying vigilant”, and I too am reviving my energies to finish up the three articles I have in the holding pattern. Thanks again for you input.

  3. Bobby,
    Interested to share stories with you regards to NCU Ph.D. experience, ERAU, and themes of discovery.


  4. Bobby,
    Our common ground is ERAU and aviation background. Regarding NCU, my research topic was a phenomenological study of aviation teamwork in health care settings. Your research topic seems very interesting – i like the essence of community among maintenance professionals. Since I finished Ph.D. last April, have been working on transforming my dissertation into a book, within which a common theme of “befindlichkeit” (clearing in the woods, aha moment, discovery) comes through. Getting ready to publish it soon. It’s neat how we both chose long German terms.

    You have my e-mail in the site, if you’re interested in a further discussion about community, I welcome an opportunity to hear more from you about it.

    Best regards,

  5. Mitch, I see that your word “befindlichkeit”, like “Gemeinschaftsgefühl”, are not directly translatable into the English language. I believe the two are linked, or at a minimum, they cross at some points in the human experience. The closest I have been abe to find, other than Adler and Maslow (German) accounts of the term, is the “Half Acre” video (1st edition), used as a TV ad for Liberty Mutual Insurance:
    Good Luck with the book!!

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