Stand Up and Be Counted…

“If it’s never our fault, we can’t take responsibility for it.  If we can’t take responsibility for it, we’ll always be its victim.”  ~ Richard Bach  ~

Fault, in this instance, is similar to cause.  Yes, we can and do cause our own circumstances, our own trials, our own state if affairs, our own sadness, our own agony, and our own pain .  Even though many of us do it completely without realizing that WE ARE DOING ITTO OURSELVES!

There are countless hoards of self-imposed victims in this world, with the Oh, Woe Is Me mentality.  I am sure many of us are familiar with these victims, (perhaps more familiar than we are willing to admit).  As victims, we can project a sense of helplessness, and thereby justify to ourselves (because that’s the only person we are fooling), that we are powerless.

Being powerless allows us to live our lives reacting to our circumstances, rather than accepting responsibility for our realities (that we control of our destinies).  What’s really astounding, is how many people who seem to settle into the state of victimology, and buy-in to the belief that there is no hope.  

Well, to quote Dieter F. Uchdorf in his April 2012 General Conference address; “Stop It!” While President Uchdorf was speaking to gossip and backbiting, the same counsel would apply when one adopts a victim mentality…Stop It!

Until one takes and accepts responsibility for one’s actions or inactions, he or she will be a victim; not a victim of one’s circumstances or one’s lot in life, but because of self-pity; which can be overcome.  Examine our attitudes and the choices we make (which by the way, we are in full control of), make a course correction.  You don’t have to be a victim; Stop It!  Remember, you are a survivor.  You are in control of your experiences and realities, so Do It!  Take responsibility for your life, because eternity is a long time to play victim.

Do you know of any sources to help those who feel they are victims?  If so, please comment, who knows, someone may actually be reading this stuff and be reaching out for help…you may be their life-line?

2 thoughts on “Stand Up and Be Counted…

  1. Well said!! Much of what is wrong in today’s society could be turned around if more of us could “hear”, learn and act on this knowledge.

    • I have learned that it is usually those who need to understand and adopt the principles the most, who are least likely to listen. Further, it is easier for people to assume a victim mentallity because victims are not to be “blamed” for their circumstances. This allows us to shift responsibility to others, rather than accepting that we control our circumstances. Thanks for the comments.

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