The 10×2 Rule…

I am sure we have all experienced setbacks in our lives, but consider the following debilitating thought process: I will never amount to anything, I’m poor, uneducated, and unattractive, I fail at everything, and no one likes me?  Do you know someone who may be consciously or unconsciously harboring debilitating thoughts?  To some degree, there exists a form of self-fulfilling prophesy at play; negativity breeds negativity.  People who go through life emitting negative energies tend to drive away any positive energies.  Negativity is just one, of the countless elements, which serve to keep us from achieving our full potential.  Aside from the survival needs (air, food, water, and shelter) as presented by Abraham H. Maslow, in his Hierarchy of Needs2 model, much of what restrains one from reaching loftier heights, is self-induced.  In other words, most of what we use for excuses for our situation, or what we claim to be our lot in life, is within our direct control.  

How does one begin the process of breaking free of the chains?   We (mankind) have been given agency to think and act for ourselves.  We alone control our destiny.  We are in charge of our thoughts, and what/whom we allow to influence our thoughts, decisions, and actions.  Take charge of your own mind1.  Remember the 10×2 rule; the ten two-letter words, which can change lives: If it is to be, it is up to me.  The process follows a pattern, and works for good or evil and for positive or negative; your personal thoughts develop into attitudes, which influence your decisions, which direct to your actions, which in turn, establish your habits, character, and ultimately your destiny.  So, we break the chains by simply using our mind, the most powerful tool in our toolbox.  When we choose to change our thoughts, we can reach unfathomable heights of personal achievement.

Sometimes we allow our past to dictate our futures.  Do not allow history to be a link in the chains of bondage.  Do not be afraid of leaving the known and venturing into the unknown; that is how we grow.  It is OK to be uncomfortable.  Take a leap of faith.  Start out slow; identify your passions, then stimulate that passion through sharing it with others.  Look for opportunities to give back, through selfless service, be other minded, and you will soon discover that others will see you in a different light; the light of Christ.  Who knows, you might be the source of inspiration to another, in helping them to break the chains, which hold them from eternal progression?

1. Dickow, G. (2009). The power to change today: Simple secrets to the satisfied life. New York, NY: FaithWords.

2. Maslow, A. H. (1943). Motivation and personality. New York, NY: Harper.

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