The Paradox of Man…

Actually, this posting has nothing to do with dice, although the way the dice in the picture are arranged, can be somewhat of a paradox?  While the dice arrangement depicted in the picture is an impossibility, the arrangement of our priorities (where we focus our energies) is both significant and eternal.  When our priorities are in line with true principles, even the seemingly impossible, becomes achievable.  

The Paradox of Man is that, whether we believe “we are less than we suppose” or that “we are greater than we suppose”1, we are partially right.  The degree of how extraordinary or how ordinary we suppose ourselves, is determined by our selflessness and/or selfishness.  In the great scheme of things, we (mankind) are nothing in comparison with the creator, but in terms of exaltation, we have unlimited potential.  There are those who would “believe in the fantasy of their own self-importance… [that] they have transcended the ordinary”1; in their pride, they have been deceived.  Being grounded, and humble, is to acknowledge that any greatness we achieve in this life, is bestowed upon us as a gift from God, and not of our own power.  Therefore, it stands to reason, that being truly humble, will loose our limits, and allow us to achieve our fullest potential.  When we are truly humble, we see no man as superior or inferior to us, no matter their situation or station in life; we become respecters of all mankind.

“The Lord doesn’t care at all if we spend our days working in marble halls or stable stalls. He knows where we are, no matter how humble our circumstances”1. True, Servant Leaders are aware of this principle.  Servant Leaders live their lives in service to others, giving back, and helping others to achieve their greatest potential; it really is a simple plan.

– Dr. Bobby Martin

1. Uchdorf, D. F. (2011, November). You matter to Him. Ensign.

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