Wait, That’s Not Me…

Leader or Manager? It's Your Call...

How can one expect to lead others, if one cannot lead oneself?  Those unfamiliar with the term Lead are perhaps more acquainted with the term Manage.  In which case, the previous sentence would read something like this: How can one expect to manage others, if one cannot manage oneself? 

The differentiation may be found within the contextual meaning the author wishes to convey.  In the case of this discussion topic, I posit that one is capable of managing oneself, but not capable of managing others; remember, contextually speaking. 

Take for example, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare…the list is seemingly endless).  What I post regarding what I am doing, my status, or whatever other phrases are used to present my doings, for others to view, paints an image of me for them.  In other words, the reader “friend” forms his or her perception of me, based on how I managed or failed to manage my presentation (image) of me.

Check out this link for some additional insight into the topic: http://www.forbes.com/sites/dailymuse/2012/02/14/the-first-step-to-building-your-personal-brand/

Let me know what you think or believe?  I welcome your comments.

2 thoughts on “Wait, That’s Not Me…

  1. Do as I say, not as I do. That has never sat well with me. As a leader, I think you have to be able to lead yourself and to not ask someone else to do something you aren’t willing to do. I think the better someone gets at leading themselves, the easier it is to lead others. Thanks for the though provoking article!

    • Mike, I am glad to see that the intent of my post was not missed by you. Sometimes (more than we may admit), we miss the forest for the trees. It is not winning or losing the race, it is how we get to the finish line, and who we bring to the finish line with us that counts.

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