Reciprocity Ripples…

“Each Life That Touches Ours for Good” ~ LDS Hymn Book, 293

…an interesting perspective regarding people in general; “…they want to be a part of a cause that gives them a sense of meaning and significance; they want to belong to something larger than themselves…”  I posit that the attraction is more (much more) than mere charisma that draws those yearning for the secret recipe or magic potion that will unlock the answers to life’s burning questions.  I discovered a term that has become the focus of my interaction with other human beings; Gemeinschaftsgefühl – term is used to describe the state of social connectedness and interest in the well-being of others; community feeling.

I have come to the understanding early in my leadership career, that “True” Leaders are those who focus on their followers and not themselves.  In other words, True Leadership is synonymous with “Servant” Leadership.  Leaders, who embrace the principles of serving, are then truly free to influence those within their circle of influence for the greater good.

"Ripples are indicative of human life, one cannot touch another without being touched back" -- Bobby Martin, Ph.D.

Ripples transfer or spread (attitudes, emotions, etc.) as one’s life touches that of another.  The German term, Gemeinschaftsgefühl, perhaps best describes this phenomenon, but there is no really good translation into the English language; consider Proverbs 4:18.  Some can relate this experience to the movie “Pay it Forward“; for a better understanding of the ripple, check out the video from Liberty Mutual Insurance by clicking the following link:

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